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In Memoriam

Presented here is a bit of information on each of the noted PERS members who have had funds created in their names.  Each of them were staunch supporters of PERS and our student members.  Any money donated in their memory will be awarded as a Travel or Research Award in their name.

Pete Eldridge

  • Pete made significant contributions to the study of estuarine communities, including seagrasses, microbial processes, hypoxia and community responses.  An ecologist, Pete embraced numerous techniques to aid his research, from models to stable isotopes.
  • He made significant contributions to our science community in another way, through his unabashed, good-natured interest in the lives and research of others.
  • We remember Pete at many PERS and ERF meetings showing great enthusiasm about the science but also great good-will towards the people doing the science.
  • It is important to recognize the power of his energy in vitalizing and engaging students and non-students alike, fostering an intellectually supportive environment.
  • PERS established the ‘Eldridge Memorial Fund’ in his memory in 2008, to be used for student research. It was renamed to the Student Research Fund in 2015 but all funds given in his name in the past or future will be awarded as the Pete Eldridge Research Award.

Bob Emmett

Bob was devoted to his work, a passion that was contagious to those that worked around him.  And was especially proud to have been involved with Columbia River and Ocean Salmon Surveys, the Predator Project, and the Restoration of Trestle Bay, for which he received a Presidential Award in 1994.  He enjoyed working with the Pacific Fish Management Team on sardine issues, and traveling to Tri-National sardine meetings.   He served for about 25 years on the South Slough Advisory Board as the NOAA representative.   Even after his retirement, and during his illness he continued to edit scientific papers for others.

The successes he had were in the people he worked along, the doorways he opened, the keys he handed off, the pushes, the nudges, and encouragements he sent out to everyone around him.  He loved nurturing talent. Pragmatic, yet imaginative and innovative.  He was never afraid to be “bad” at something.

He was a longtime member and passionate supporter of PERS who always had helpful and insightful comments for the students and supported the attendance and participation of our students in every part of the society.  The Bob Emmett fund was created in May of 2015 with individuals able to designate their donation to Student Travel or Research.



Don Heinle

  • The first place graduate student presentation award was established in 2002 as the ‘Heinle Award’, in memory of Dr. Don Heinle, an estuarine ecologist who was always so supportive of students.
  • Heinle’s work formed some of the best basic research done on zooplankton in the Chesapeake Bay and its subestuaries from the late ’60s until 1980. He was an early user of bomb calorimetry to look at the food value of copepods.
  • He gave testimony in which he contrasted the old studies with new data. The resulting judicial decision has been called the first in America to recognize the external economics of environmental impact, and to recognize upstream responsibility for downstream damages.
  • Probably anyone who went to PERS meetings in the past remembers Don listening intently to the student presentations and asking questions with good and supportive interest.
  • It was highly appropriate that the first presentation of the
    Heinle Award occurred at the 2002 Portland meeting, organized and co-chaired by Paul Fishman, Don’s long-time good friend.

Millicent Quammen

  • The ‘Quammen Fund’ was established at PERS in memory of Dr. Millicent Quammen, an estuarine scientist whose studies on the ecology and function of wetlands were instrumental in guiding management and restoration design.
  • She was active in the “Science by Mail” program, a National Project sponsored by the Boston Museum of Science to develop an interest in the sciences among young people in the nation.
  • In 1988, she received a Federal Women’s Program Appreciation Award from the Greater New Orleans Federal Executive Board for her contributions both in the workplace and the community.
  • Tragically, Millicent died of breast cancer at an early age.
  • The Quammen Fund, established at PERS in 1990 at the request of her colleagues, became the Student Travel Fund in 2015 and is used to fund all of the annual PERS student awards and travel.
  • Please feel free to give a donation in her memory and it will be awarded as a Millicent Quammen Travel Award.

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